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Hire 1% Remote Software Developers in Nigeria Hire 1% of 83,000+ software developers, designers, DevOps engineers in Nigeria. Source senior software developers in Nigeria, from the mainstream of software developers in Nigeria. Hire developers Build your product
Hire software engineers in Nigeria Build your product Build seamlessly Hire Nigeria software developers/programmers/engineers.
Hire vetted software developers in Nigeria across frameworks and skills,
e.g React, Node, Python, Angular, Swift, React Native, Java, etc.
Hire developers
hire software developers in Nigeria
Hire remote vetted software developers in Nigeria

We are leader of managed IT services

We are a Nigeria based software engineering talent outsourcing company and a global leader in managed technology services; responsible for outsourcing remote software developers, managing customer IT infrastructure, custom software development, IT consultancy, and managed services. Hire Nigeria’s Best software Developers, programmers/engineers. Get remote software developers in Nigeria.

Global Managed IT Provider

Global Managed IT provider with over extensive experience in implementing infrastructure projects and outsourcing IT functions.

Comprehensive Services

You benefit from a comprehensive outsourced service, all components of which are designed to meet your business objectives.

Custom IT Solutions

You can take advantage of flexible, customizable IT solutions tailored to your business and its ongoing changes.

Struggling to close the skills gap?

Hire software developers in Nigeria. 54% of all top companies hire software developers in Nigeria. Get ahead of the curve!

Faster, agile and low risk remote software developers in Nigeria. Hire Nigerian Software Developers / Engineers / Programmers/DevOps Engineers. We are the mainstream of software developers in Nigeria. There are over 83,000 software developers in Nigeria; Senior developers; Mid-level developers and junior developers. 70percent of our software developers in Nigeria are senior developers. 

Fast. Smart. Agile.

Our one mission is to enable software developers from around the world to be able to build software solutions in a much easier way.

Our stacks?

Front-end developers

Hire vetted senior Front end developers in Nigeria for your team within 48 hours. Our front-end developers build front-end solutions to add interactivity and human-friendly gestures to your websites and applications

Full stack developers

Hire Nigeria full stack developers who are skilled in both frontend and backend development. Hire full software developers in Nigeria who are experts in front-end & back-end and build user-friendly and feature-packed software applications.

Blockchain, Ml, AI & Data Analytics

Hire blockchain, MI, AI and big data developers in Nigeria. Hire Nigeria developers to build AI based software solutions and data-driven products for your business.

Mobile developers

Hire Mobile developers in Nigeria who are skilled with all the latest mobile technologies and platforms. When you rent a coder for mobile app projects, rest assured of quality and competency.

Back-end developers

Build backends for your softwares by hiring backend developers in Nigeria. Our team has a great pool of back-end developers who can build solid and powerful backends for web apps, native & hybrid mobile apps as well as desktop apps

Ecommerce & CMS

Hire software developers and programmers in Nigeria who have expertise in eCommerce technologies such as Magento, Opencart, Shopify, CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal

Hire 1% software developers in Nigeria

Our powerful digital solutions

Well Crafted Data Analytics Services

We are amongst leaders in Data Analytics companies in Nigeria and, we can help become a data driven company and become a data-first company with our data and analytics solutions. We not only oursource software developers in Nigeria. Our Data services is second to none.

Data analytics is a crucial way to adapt and implement innovation in your business. Data insight converts your raw businesses data into actionable, workable, and quality-driven insights. We are amongst leaders in Data and Analytics companies in India and, we can help you migrate to a real-time, cloud-based data infrastructure via our data engineering services

Real-time insights, tactical pricing models and data-managed marketing will help you maximise profitability. We will help you grow, prosper and become a data-first company with our data and analytics solutions.

We provide data analytics services to companies across a wide range of industries, such as eCommerce, Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, etc.

Hire software developers in Nigeria

Hire top 1% sofware developers in Nigeria. We are top amongst software development companies in Nigeria. We are the mainstream of software developers/engineers/programmers/UI/UX designers in Nigeria. Gain access to software developers in Nigeria.

Our standpoint is our decades of custom software development experience, we build tailor-made, secure, scalable and robust software solutions for businesses across the globe catering various industry verticals.

One of the leading software engineering companies in Nigeria. Get remote software engineers in Nigeria .Putting to work awesome engineering resources and high-performance software engineering teams with a relentless focus on client outcomes, we designs, builds, and deploys software that delights clients.

We are the product consultants you’re looking for!

Convert your ideas into real products.
Experts from around the world, will help you turn your ideas into a functional prototype – in an easy, economical and different way. Hire software developers in Nigeria.

We are the largest team of product developers in Nigeria. We bring a deep knowledge of process, agile engineering and systems management that accelerates your speed to market while reducing costs. Tech isn’t just a tool for us. It’s a conduit and invitation to an incredible, expansive future that magnifies our highest and greatest aspirations.

Our software engineers, Product Designers and solution architects from around the world, will compete among themselves to bring you the best solution. Discover how the value of your ideas increases with a simple click from home.

Cloud solutions
without limits

Whatever your goals or business outcomes, our experts will help you navigate the cloud to accelerate your journey. We’ll give you the power to drive your business’ growth.

Supporting your business is our business, whether you’re taking the first steps of your cloud journey or scaling up your platforms to reach new heights.

We’re passionate about embracing innovation, powering growth and helping our customers reach their business outcomes, using expertly architected, secure cloud solutions. 

Vetted Internet of things Experts 

We provide IOT development services in Nigeria. We’re a team of seasoned Internet of Things consultants in Nigeria. We build custom IoT solutions for large enterprises, startups and everything in between.

Wedevelopers technologies is a premier IoT application development company based in the UK. We help customers across many industry sectors by combining various data sources to obtain business insights and enable real-time decision making.

We believe IoT is an ecosystem and maintain partnerships with leading innovators like Software AG, SAP, PTC, AWS and Azure. These partnerships position us to follow leading best practices, foster innovation and drive business efficiencies for our customers.

Remote software engineering teams for You.

Hire talented vetted remote software developers/engineers in Nigeria. We are Nigeria based software developers. Create your own software engineering team in one of the software tech centers in Nigeria.

Work with the certified front-end and backend Nigeria software developers for your mission-critical projects. We can help you hire developers within 48 Hours.

Hire dedicated software developers in Nigeria who understand your core needs, become a part of your company and customize software applications as per your specific business demands. Our software engineers are capable of creating advanced software apps based on AR/VR, IoT, AI & Blockchain.


Increasing business success with technology

Our milestones

Muiltiple award-winning Leader in managed IT services

We are most preferred transformation partner as well as an integrated managed service provider that provides data center, connectivity, security, Cloud and IT management services to complete your ICT journey.

Valued Clients
Projects Completed
Talented Workforce

IT Infrastructure Services

We provide the most robust scalable and all round managed infrasture services.

  • Data Center Services
  • End User Services
  • Service Integration Services

Innovative solutions

We use systematic agile approach and distributed work model to timely build your scalable custom innovative solutions

  • muilti-sectors solutions
  • innovative Solutions
  • System Integration

IT Management

wedevelopers provides strategic IT management services.

  • Cloud Management
  • Database Management
  • System Maintenance
How It’s Work

How does it work?


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Meet with our consultants

Our solution architects and consultants would meet with you to finalize the details.

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Rate and Pay

Once the job is completed, simply rate and process payment. We have very flexible payment options

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Hire software developers in Nigeria with fantastic work history, talent and competencies. Hire talented software engineers in Nigeria. We connect with thousands of African software engineers tech centers in Africa and provide menus of options to those who are outside the tech clusters. Our pool of developers comprise of Senior ,Mid-level and junior software engineers.

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